Places Far Away debuted at #3 on Billboard's "Traditional Classical Albums"

"My musical path is about creating, giving, and sharing beautiful symphonic music inspired by people I care deeply about and decades of amazing global travels and social interactions. I want to reach and touch people worldwide and be a voice of passion, adventure, and comfort, based on life experiences that guide and infuse my music in positive and joyful ways".  Daniel Fisher

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"Places Far Away" by Daniel Fisher

"Places Far Away" by Daniel Fisher

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Composer Daniel Fisher’s debut album, Places Far Away features 14 original compositions and uses classical instrumentation from solo piano to full orchestras and everything in between. The lyrical melodies of Places Far Away will lift your heart and spirit. 


Places Far Away features: 

    The London Symphony Orchestra 

    The London Philharmonic Orchestra  

    The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 

...and renowned solo artists on piano, violin, cello and classical guitar.

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios and Air Studios in London, UK.

Daniel Fisher : Composer with his debut album Places Far Away

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